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    Trans Pride Brum

    Trans Pride Brum is a volunteer group run by and for trans and non-binary people.

    Mission Statement

    Our main and first goal is to organise a Trans Pride in Birmingham that is accessible to as many people as possible, a safe space for us to express ourselves and just exist, and representative of our community and its extraordinary diversity. We want to celebrate each other and our wonderful community, we want to invest in it and give back, and we want to continue to grow a space where everyone can experiment and get to know themselves.

    Additionally, we wish to continue to add value to the community and to uplift the voices and experiences of those in it.

    But Who Are We?

    Trans Pride Brum is a group run by trans and non-binary people for trans and non-binary people.

    Our organisation is run by volunteers and we are always happy to have more hands on board. We aim to operate in as much of a non-hierarchical way as possible, with no one voice or person above anyone else. We follow a loose structure with a Steering Group and as many Working Groups as we find necessary at the time.

    We aim to meet once every two weeks, currently over zoom.
    Anyone is welcomed to the meetings and to participate in the decisions made. Any member can also suggest a working group they find necessary and put it to a vote. To be added to our discord group, just get in contact!

    Right now the Steering Group consists of a Chairperson, a Finances Representative, an Engagement Rep, an Accessibility Rep, and an Organisation Rep.
    Anyone can shadow any position and we aim to change representatives every three months or so. If you wish to learn any of the skills employed by these Rep’s just get in contact!

    Additionally, we have these current Working Groups: Outreach; Social Media; Policy; Planning; Accessibility; and Financial.

    If you have any questions feel free to reach out! We will get around to them as soon as we can.

    And if you wish to volunteer with us please fill out this form!

    Up Next

    We do not currently have any upcoming events. But stay tuned!

    Get Involved!

    Do you wish to help us bring this wonderful event and organisation together? Well then fill out this form for us!

    We will be in contact soon.

    If you have any questions feel free to email us or message us on any of our pages.

    If you wish to collab with Trans Pride Brum please email us with "Collab" on the subject line. Thank you!

    Our Documents

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